Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall is here I Think

Where is the fall weather we are having 80* heat, don't want rain but a little cooler would be nice.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Summer

We where able to fit in a family vacation went to Arizona and visited with your daughter Margaret in Lake Powell Resort She is working there as a pastry chef.

Here is the rainbow bridge we took a tour boat and this is the view we saw when getting off the boat and walking up the path a ways around the corner of the boat dock.

Horse shoe bend

Mother Daughter and Father

Above horse shoe bend

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Matthew and Christopher

Friday November 12th took Matthew and two friends to the Winchester Mystery house.
Had forgotten that Mrs Winchester had a favorite number, and it just happen to be number 13 and this was Matthew's thirteen birthday.

After the tour of the house and grounds we went across the street to Chevy's.
A perfect way to celebrated

I can finely show a picture of Christopher all in uniform
front right as if you couldn't tell.
We have the last compaction this weekend local @ Fairfield High
TOC this is the big one.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rodriquez Marching band

Christopher keeping me busy and tired

For the last three weekends Christopher and I have been traveling.
Him on the school bus and me carpooling with friends.

First in Cupertino down by San Jose then in Lumis above Sacramento and last weekend we where in Pleasanton down in the east bay.

Band competitions go all day long we can be gone from the house by as early as six in the morning and not back until after midnight or late as 1:30 AM the next morning.

Rodriguez High school Marching band competes in street and field. Street is parade and field is just what is on the football field marching and playing in formation .

We do Street in the late morning hours around 11 or 11:30 then go back to the high school that is hosting. and the students are fed lunch and have down time to do what ever home work they may have for the weekend.

We parents help with preparing lunch and dinner , and making sure they are in tip top looking shape in their uniforms. I am sure you can tell which is Christopher the second on the right.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

School Starts

Just a little update on the family. Busy summer, didn't really go anywhere but the mountains and the condo. I did spend a week at Girls Camp but forgot my camera so no pictures of the new camp up north of Santa Rosa.

Boys went to scout camp in July and David and I took a few days to your self's and relaxed at the condo in the mountains.

In one more week the boys start school and I head back working two hours at the school working lunch duty not at either one of their schools back at the elementary at Nelda Mundy.

Busy week coming up with two school orientations one for high school. Christopher starts at Rodriguez High as a freshmen. He also will begin seminary in the early morning hours before school begins.
Matthew will be at a new school for him Green Valley Middle seventh grade.

They are both excited to start school at a new campus.

David is having his fourth hernia surgery tomorrow morning, hope all goes well and all can handle the new schedule happening in the family.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip to Utah

Didn't think we would be getting out to see my mother because of the weather forecast in the mountain passes.
Stayed at my sister Cristines home for two nights enjoyed the visit. The boys enjoyed the time with cousin Caleb and Kylie.

Matthew loved their dog Rodeo and he loved Matthew because Matthew would give him a good rub down.

Kylie love having her picture taken I had Christopher get in the shot, not to happy look.

Matthew 's strawberry tower at breakfast.

Sunday after noon right after the first session of general conference we packed the car and headed out it was said the roads were clear and no storm forecast in sight.
the roads were dry and clear and we had not problem and where at my mothers in about two and half hours.

Boys hanging on the clothes line pole in Moms back yard.
Seeing who could hang the longest even though they could touch the ground easily .

Picture for family history book.

Was able to see a most of the family in the Roosevelt area and catch up on the family.

Returned back to my sisters home Thursday after noon and had a good time with my brother in-law taking the children to the park and enjoyed a warm sunny day. sister came home from work and we had a fun evening with the family. Good night sleep up in the morning and off to the airport. Christopher was my navigator and a very good one getting us where we needed to go along our trip.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Family Life Back to Normal

Almost three months has come and gone scents I have been on my blog. David's Father passed away back on March 11th. Sad to see him go but his is no longer in pain and discomfort.

We did get to see your oldest daughter her husband and the three grandchildren. they were here for about two and a half weeks.

Tried Children after great grandfathers service

Went to lunch with grandmother, Mom and Great grandmother

Cute little Zachery

Jennifer and I left California at the same time she heading back home to Virginia and I and the boys went out to Utah for Spring break to see family.

Had a great time seeing my sisters and brothers there in Utah only didn't see Lorna and Neldon.
Got to see my two Aunts Fern and Bertha my mothers two older sisters. Their not in to good of health.